Hopefully everyone had success this year. I found it to be a very frustrating season with the warm conditions.

In some places we found bucks that were not in full rut and their necks were not swelled up and other bucks that were.

In some of the places, where we hunt the rut, the bucks were not there because the does were not there.   Some hunters did very good. As the season got closer to the 3rd week in November activity did pick up.   Part of the reason was the warm weather and we were in a slow long rut with only a few does coming into heat.
The December season was great activity as the weather cooled down and more does come into heat.  I saw bucks fighting aggressively in mid-December.   I had a group of does in my area come into heat.   I had my sights on 2 particular bucks that I have been hunting for 4 years. There were there when I was not.  The trail camera pictures made it more frustrating. The bucks were coming into the mock scrapes but I was hunting somewhere else.

As I ponder and look back on the 2016 season, I am more pumped up. Big Buck Adventures has developed 2 new scents and a scent dripper that will be available this fall.

Big Buck Adventures is preparing to get the mineral sales going. They will be available and my infield specialists will be getting many pictures of the Big Bucks coming into the minerals. Big Buck Adventures is preparing for a busy 2017 season. We have seen a lot of success from hunters who shot, seen or missed a big one because of the scents. Big Buck Adventures is working hard to get the products into more stores in the Midwest and Wisconsin.

We are always planning and working hard to develop new scents and products to help improve your hunting.    Please keep in touch as I am going to work harder to get blogs out more often to keep you up-to-date with what we are working on.

Look for us at the following shows this winter Central Wisconsin Deer and Hunting Expo
Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center
Rothschild, WI
February 10 – 12th Northland Outdoors Duluth Deer Classic
Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Duluth, MN
February 15 – 19th Outdoor News Deer and Turkey Classic
Warner Coliseum MN State Fair Grounds
March 10 – 12th.