Seed Blends

Big Buck Adventures has partner up with Buck Fever Seed Company to bring you the highest quality seed mixes with no fillers. This all-pure seed.

10 Ring
Blue Print
Deer Radish
Foundation Tri Cover
Nature's Roof
Punch List
Purple Top Turnip
Sugar Beets
Supporting Wall
Upland Mix

Bedding in a Bag

We also have a grass spray available for clover plots.

Clover Cure 16oz covers 1 acre (43,500 sq ft) Call for pricing.

Planting dates for most seed blends for the Midwest: July 15th to September 15th

Planting Rates: 12.5lbs = ½ acre or 22,000 sq ft is recommended at a seed depth of 1/4” to ¾”.

For best results:

*Always conduct a soil test (ideal 6.0 to 7.0)

*Terminate unwanted vegetation 10 to 14 days before planting.

*Amend soil to soil test results.

*Spread seed with desired method.

*Cultipack or drag seed in to ensure a good soil contact.