Deer Urine Scents

Big Buck Adventures continue to bring you the hunter a line of high quality scents. With our advanced collection facility and our team of professional Veterinarians and Animal Biologist. We are now offering Premium Buck and Doe urine to incorporate with our gland scents. We are a select company that offers high quality deer urine and gland base scents to bring you a communicative scent for doing mock scrapes.

Big Buck Adventures would encourage you to use the urine and gland base scents to bring you the most advanced technology and deer activity that you will ever see.

These premium scents are time collected to bring you the highest quality. Our buck urine is collected when the buck’s testosterone levels are at the highest coming into the pre-rut. The premium Doe in Heat urine is collected when there are additional compounds that signals a doe breeding cycle. These scents will be frozen and then thawed before shipping to bring you the freshest quality scents. Refrigerate these scents when not in use.

Blazing Hot Doe
Doe in Heat with Estrus
Hot Rage Buck Scent
Hot Scrape Mix