Deer Glands 


*Deer have 7 known glands but 1 that researchers are looking for. Big Buck Adventures and the staff have found the gland and are using that gland in our products.

This is the process how glands work and the glands that are in Big Buck Adventures scent products. There is one or more gland product in each scent to communicate with the deer. There is not many scent producers use glands the way Big Buck Adventures do to bring you a quality scent to lure deer inn.


Forehead gland – All deer have this gland but the buck use this gland to rub their forehead scent on to the rubs. It’s a small dark patch usually brown on the forehead where they leave that communication scent on rubs. The bucks antlers are for rubbing to make it visual.

Nasal and Saliva Gland – Nasal gland to keep the nose moist for better smelling. Saliva gland used to leave scent on the licking branch when deer chew on the licking branch.

Pre Orbital Gland – Up near the tear ducts of the eyes which help leave secretions when deer are working the licking branch.


Interdigital gland – Located between the hoofs of the deer. This is a communication gland . This is how deer can tell each other apart in their family groups. One of the main building blocks in building a quality scent. Deer do not communicate through urine. They communicate through their interdigital and tarsal glands.

Tarsal Gland –  Located back behind the legs. This gland will hold some urine. During the pre rut and rut deer will rub and urinate on those glands and they will turn dark brown. Those glands are made up of fatty tissue and bacteria will start to form to get that strong musk smell. This communication gland to help tell the bucks when the does are ready for breeding. With the bucks it becomes a territorial gland when they rub urinate to tell if there is another buck in their territory.

Preputial gland – Bucks only have this gland. This scent communicator is only used as the bucks enter in the pre rut; this gland will mix with the urine when the bucks rub urinate on the tarsal gland. This is the rutting smell that bucks will give off.

Metatarsal Gland – This is the alarm gland smell when deer stomp their feet.

Anal Gland – These gland are found in does only. These glands are attached to the urinary tract. When the does gives off the secretions smell when they are in heat. It’s a sweet sticky substance. Bucks will lick and smell the does anal area to see if she is ready. This is what Big Buck Adventures collect to put in our Doe in Heat and Doe Passion scents to make them a strong communication smell and scent.