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B ig Buck Adventures with the inn field specialist are able to give modern hunters some insight on how the products worked for them and different ways they used the products.
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Complete Package for Bow or Gun Hunters

Big Buck Adventures with the inn field specialist are able to give modern hunters some insight on how the products worked for them and different ways they used the products.

Big Buck Adventures produced 1 gallon of pre orbital buck scent. Big Buck Adventures got the product to the inn field specialist and they had tremendous results as you can see from the pictures.

When starting a mock scrape, the licking branch is the most important. Now Big Buck Adventures will have it available in August of 2016. You can use it to help start your mock scrapes with the Ultimate Scrape Mix and Doe Whisper.

Some hunters had good success with doing a mock scrape with the Dominant Buck Urine with interdigital and tarsal gland mixed inn and spraying pre orbital buck scent on the licking branch and made mock rubs by scraping the bark off and spraying it with the pre orbital buck scent on the mock rub. The hunters did rattling and calling and created the perfect storm. They had great responses from the dominant bucks for them to be thinking there is some other buck in their territory.

There is no other scent company who carries the complete package for Bow or Gun hunters to use scents to their advantage if you like to rattle or call. Big Buck Adventures have different kinds of set ups that other scent companies do not.

How to Use Our Scents
Raging Buck | 4 & 8 oz.

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If you are looking to bring out an old warrior and kill a mature Dominant Buck, this scent is for you. This gland base scent is only used if you have dominant bucks in the area because it will scare off smaller bucks. With the mixture of interdigital, tarsal and peubasant glands, from bucks ages 4 to7 years, this will heat up an area for buck to come defend his territory. You will not recognize the area because of his aggression to defend his territory. Works best in mock scrapes, calling by grunting and rattling with a decoy.

Doe Whisper | 4 & 8 oz.

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Doe Whisper has become the number one seller for Big Buck Adventures. This scent lure has all the smells of bedding deer. This lure has brought in many bucks and does because of the calming smell. Hunters like to use it as a cover scent, spray on to a wick, clothing, or vegetation to calm the deer down for them to walk into your set up. Many hunters have witnessed that the does will flicker their tails, calming the rest of the deer down as they approach your food source.

Doe Passion | 4 oz.

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This scent will bring out the buck’s passion for a hot doe. Doe Passion has the mixture to carry out the smell long distances. It has the mixture of a strong musk from the tarsal glands from a doe in heat with the vaginal secretions (estrus), with pheromones and doe anal sex glands mixed in. This lure works best during the pre-rut, and rut when bucks are searching for does. Recommend using it on a scent wick or squirt into the air. Works good when bleating.

Ultimate Scrape Mix | 4 & 8 oz.

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This is the hottest pre-rut scent on the market. It will start early competition between the bucks and does of all ages to turn your mock scrape into a breeding scrape. With the smells of urine, interdigital, tarsal glands from bucks and does with vaginal secretions from a doe.

This lure will really set your mock scrapes on FIRE!! You can see this by visiting our Facebook page and seeing all the trail camera pictures.

Interaction Buck Scent | 4 & 8 oz.

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This is a great scent to use a territorial lure to let the bucks know there is competition in the area. With a blend of buck urine, interdigital and tarsal glands. Great introduction in a buck mock scrape. I would start out using this one then working towards the stronger buck lures. If your bucks are non-aggressive, stay with this lure.

Buck Pre-orbital | 2 oz.

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This scent is the main communicator for bucks. It’s located along the brown patch near a bucks nasal cavity to up near the forehead. We add glands from inside the nasal cavity, ears, and eyes to get the secretions from those glands. Big Buck Adventures like to start using this lure mid-August, right before bucks become hard horned and their testosterone levels begin to change. We recommend, using a key wick scent wick, cotton rope or sisal twine for your best results. You can spray it on to the leaves of the overhanging branch.

Oil Base Buck Pre-orbital | 2 oz.

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This is made up of all the glands as the Buck Pre- Orbital, but a a petroleum gel is added to help this lure last longer and through all extremes of weather. Cold and wet conditions.

Doe Pre-orbital | 2 oz.

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This lure has all the glands like the Buck Pre-Orbital, but just from Does. Application same as Buck Pre-Orbital. We recommend using this at peak seek and chase phase as the does are leaving their calling card that they are coming into heat. Pro staffers have had success using this lure all season long. Use it in your doe mock scrapes.

Doe In Heat with Estrus | 4 & 8 oz.

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This a mixture of our premium Doe urine Blazing Hot Doe that is collected when the doe is at their peak estrus cycle to get all the pheromones and hormones of a hot doe, then mixed with Doe Passion of all the glands of a hot doe. Great balance of urine and doe glands. Works good in a mock scrape, scent with or pulling a drag to your hunting stand. Use this lure at peak pre rut going into the rut for best results. Encourage to bleat call when have this product out.

Blazing Hot Doe | 4 & 8 oz.

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This a premium high-quality Doe in Heat urine collected in early October and November when the does are at their highest peak cycle going into estrus with all the pheromones and hormones. When collecting this urine, we chill it down instantly to 36 degrees to maintain the freshness of a quality urine. With all the steps we take in our collection process, this urine has brought success to many hunters. All our products are handled with care to bring you the best products on the market.

Hot Rage Buck | 8 oz.

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If you are looking how to bring a buck into a RAGE!!! This scent with urines, interdigital, tarsal glands, peubasant glands of mature bucks of 4 to 7 years old all mixed into one bottle. This mixture has turned nocturnal bucks to daylight movement. Apply to mock scrapes only at the hours of 10 am to 4 pm to change his behavior to come check out the lure when its at its strongest. Call and rattle when using this product! When bucks hear your calling and come scent checking, they her it and smell that there’s another buck in their territory and they are convinced to come in and check it out. This lure has killed several bucks over the 160” mark. Its best used from mid-October to the end of November.

Dominant Buck Urine | 4 & 8 oz.

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This urine is collected as bucks are going into their peak pre rut cycle to collect all the pheromones and hormones of a buck entering the rut. Collected in mid-October through November. Works great in a dripper. Recommend mixing this with Interaction Buck Scent for best results. Works great in a mock scrape to introduce several bucks using the scrape.

Hot Scrape Mix | 4 & 8 oz.

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Hot Scrape Mix is just what it says. All our best doe urines and doe glands that are coming into heat all mixed to bring the smells of HOT DOE SCRAPE!! I made this for the gun hunters to put out a week before to give the smells of does coming into heat during the pre – rut and rut. Many bow hunters have had success with this just prior to the rut. Everything is all about timing. All lures have specific smells at which time the deer could be in.

Doe Obsession | 4 & 8 oz.

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This doe urine is collected as the does are coming into heat in October. It has the smells of pheromones and hormones begging to come into peak cycle. I like using this urine in a scent dripper and I recommend mixing it with Doe Passion if you are looking to build a HOT DOE Scrape.

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