Wow!! It’s hard to believe that Big Buck Adventures is starting our 5th year in business. Big Buck Adventures started out with 3 different kinds of scents and now have grown to 10 different kinds of gland scents and have added a line of quality urine scents.
Now NEW this year Big Buck Adventures has added their own line of permanent or movable deer stands for the bow or gun hunter. Big Buck Adventures has teamed up with TR Outdoors out of Morehead Minnesota. Some of the deer stand have wheels on them so you can move them and put them up almost anywhere. To have the ability to be portable with a comfortable hard sided blind is great. Not too many other deer blind manufactures offer this kind of blind. They one solid piece of hard plastic and they will keep warm during those cold nasty days of hunting especially in the late season and they are easy to set up once you learn how to do it.

Big Buck Adventures is now writing articles for some hunting magazines such as the Iowa Sports Man. The scent products are getting the attention of hunters like David and Karin Holder from the television show Raised Hunting.

I will always look for ways to develop new scents, change up scents and be different from any other scent company to bring you the hunter much success and fun out in the field. A lot of you know my ways. I will sit down with a cold beer and start to figure out how can I change or improve any product to help bring success and enjoyment to the hunt.
My new line of scents never seems to surprise me when my team members or another hunter will share with me their success or what they experienced when using the products. My team members recently shared with me, they have not put any scent out yet and both bucks and does are coming into the scrapes, freshening them up on their own and the deer are hitting the licking branches. You tell me what other scent out their will do the same thing in July and its scent from last year. But like we have said; once the scrape is established, the deer will keep coming back to those locations because in their mind they understand this where the community scrape is located and where the breeding will take place when that season gets here.

It’s July 25, 2018 today and we seeded our food plots in and now the season is going full steam ahead as we prepare for the upcoming season. Big Buck Adventures has revolved into a full service with our minerals, food plot seed mixes and a full line of deer gland and urine scents.

We continue to look for new and additional partners to bring a full-service company to you. I will work hard to develop new products and new ideas to keep everything exciting. I wish all your success and fun this coming season and please be safe. Please share any pictures if you are using Big Buck Adventures products so we can get them on the website and Facebook page