Yes this has been a frustrating start to the season. I am not getting much movement of large bucks hitting the mock scrapes. Keep in mind this is a process and it takes time. Don’t stop putting sent out and refreshing the mock scrapes. The rut will come. It may not happened the first weekend or during the gun season as every one thinks those are the times it automatically happens. It does depend on amount of daylight and temperatures do affect it.

If its warm they do most of their rut activity during the night hours. That’s why its nice to have the cold weather to help the day movement. In my opinion what I am seeing with the moon phases temperature I think we will see some good first rutting activity October 24th through November 3rrd. The best rut activity will be later November 11th through November 30th. I see a slow long rut. Not every day will be crazy in the woods but as does come into heat this is going to be the best period to kill a dominant buck.

Stay with the scents, you need them to convince those bucks that THIS ARE WILL BE THE BREEDING ZONE. Use all my different kinds from the Doe Whisper which works great on decoys, Ultimate Scrape mix to keep those scrapes active, Dominant Buck Urine for a territortrail response and our Doe in heat with estrus. Stay with the program and I promise you will have a opportunity to a large breeder buck. If you have any questions about my products and how to use them; please feel free to call or email at any time. Thank You Jon Molden.