Hello on this rainy Saturday. Hopefully you have been out in the woods to do your spring scouting and have your mineral stations going to begin your breeding zones. I have cleared out additional areas for more hunting spots. Once the rain stops and it starts to dry out we are going to begin to install our food plots. Please pay attention because we are going to be filming our procedures on hoe we do do our food plots. We will continues to bring you updates on the growth of our food plots. We are starting to get some good pictures of deer hitting our mineral stations. Check out the Face Book page as we have posted pictures of bucks hitting mock scrapes and that arte up in the licking braches 2 weeks ago. There are pictures of does squatting and pissing in the scrapes. As we have said before, once the breeding zone is established, the deer will use it year around. These pictures will confirm that. Those bucks and does will continue to keep coming back to those mock scrapes and licking branches throughout the year.

We here at Big Buck Adventures continue to spray Pre- 0rbital scent on the licking braches to keep everything active all season long. If you have not tried out our scent products, you are missing out of a lot of action.
Please continue to pay attention to the blog as I have many things planned to keep you updated on what we are doing. We have additional new scents coming this fall and our own line of urine which is preserved as soon as we collect it. It will be frozen and then thawed to give you the freshest line of deer urines on the market. We know they work because they have been tested. I will keep updating on those scents as we get into the season.

Have a good summer and continue to check in with all the things that we have going on to bring you.