It’s Saturday morning and it’s in the mid 70’s with a high into the 80’s with thunderstorms. But the good thing we are going to get some rain and the weather is going to break with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s.

If you are not ready and do not have your mock scrapes going you are behind. With this temperature change and change from last years when it stayed warm all through November.

You could see a whole different kind of movement in Bucks activity. I am starting my Dominant Buck Urine scents now because of the change of weather. Big Buck Adventures and the staff have been running scrapes and trail cameras all season and some of us already know what’s in our hunting area. To increase our Buck activity, I will run a scent dripper with our NEW HOT RAGE BUCK URINE. Remember, when using urine scents it takes a lot of urine to make a scrape successful. A deer will urinate 8 to 12 ounces every time. That’s how much urine you should be putting down to be effective. That’s why will use our gland scents along with scent drippers with urine to make it a very effective.

Big Buck Adventures will follow up to another new one BUCK FEVER around October 20th. To create that perfect storm, I will have the scrape going with the first 2 scent combinations, then we will switch over to the Buck fever, but we will first find trees 1 to 3” diameter, spray the truck with Buck Pre Orbital, scrape the tree with a saw and then spray the truck and licking branches with the Buck Pre Orbital, and then spray the Buck Fever on the ground in my mock scrape.

Then I will start calling to create that perfect storm. You will have the right smells and then a buck hears you calling, now he has to come inn to investigate what other buck is in his territory.

During that October 20th period, I will also be putting my doe scrapes inn with Doe Passion, Doe Pre- Orbital on the licking branches and follow up with are new BLAZING HOT DOE URINE in a scent dripper to keep that scrape active. I know have built the perfect breeding zone to bring those bucks in close enough for a killing shot.
If you have any questions on this process, please call for details.