I have had some hunters ask me, what is the difference between the gland scents and the synthetic scents?”
There is no doubt that the synthetic scents are a good product. Wind Pro has proven that. Their scents work and they do bring in all kind of size bucks, large or small along with the does.

Their set up is much like ours, looking for that they are over hanging branch (licking branch) and applying the scent on the ground and licking branch. The synthetic scents need moisture to activate them.

The biggest difference that I see is are one dimensional, meaning there is a buck scent and a doe scent. There are no other kinds of smells that will follow the rut like glands will provide.

The synthetic scents rely on the deer to provide those smells. Hunters are smart. They know at certain times, it takes other smells to get a scrape active or keep those bucks coming in.

Yes, those glands do smell when you apply them or get them on your hands, but they work! Hunters who have used the buck pre-orbital understand how important that scent is, as it comes from the forehead gland of a buck which is the main communicator from a buck.

When you set up your mock scrape, Big Buck Adventures recommends putting another gland base or urine scent on the ground. As with synthetic scents, Big Buck Adventures recommends using some water to help get the smell out.

Unlike the synthetic scents, it’s hard to set up a scenario like glands. For example; When creating a buck scrape, Big Buck Adventures would recommend creating mock rubs. Using your hunting saw, rough up a 1” to 2” diameter tree truck, spray the Buck Pre-Orbital on that rub. Look for that overhanging branch (licking branch), apply the buck pre-orbital, clear out 2×2 area under that licking branch and apply one of our buck scents. Now you have created the best set up for rattling and grunting in bucks. These bucks hear the call, smell that there is another buck in its territory and they will need to come in and investigate.

What scent can give you those kinds of set ups? Only one, that is Big Buck Adventures. Big Buck Adventures can provide those same kind of set ups with the doe pre-orbital and doe scents. Then begin doe calling.
These kind of set ups provide a hunter many choices and ways to set up. Big Buck Adventures scents can work in any kind of hunting scenario. That’s the unique aspect. When a hunter is provided with the correct scents to find the best combination, the hunter improves their odds. There is no other scent company like Big Buck Adventures that can provide those kind of set ups and have fun doing it.