Wow!!! The 2016 Deer season is upon us. We at Big Buck Adventures always recognize that the Deer season starts the weekend after July 4th.

As we go into August, It is time to get serious about the upcoming season. I hope ever one took an opportunity for off season scouting. We are starting to spend more time watching and filming fields of agricultural land.   We are deciding where to set up stand locations.

With us being involved in the Deer and Turkey show last February, we had an opportunity to hear and listen what hunters are looking for in a deer scent lure company. We are proud to say that Big Buck Adventures has become 1 in 3 in the nation to provide Pre orbital buck scent. This is the hardest scent to collect. It is also the most important when starting those mock scrapes and breeding zones that we talk about. Big Buck Adventures is always working hard to improve and bring in new products.

Big Buck Adventures next big announcement is our minerals- Raging Buck. These minerals have been tested in our deer pens and in the wild for 3 years before making them available to you this coming winter. We are one of the only mineral company that mixes Dicalcium Phosphate in the mineral mix.  This is very important to growing larger racks but helps deer become healthier. We are always researching the science behind it to bring into our products.

With our continued improvements to all of our products, Big Buck Adventures has been invited to be a guest speaker at 3 shows. You can view our show dates.

If you have any question on the products or how to get your mock scrapes and zones started, please feel free to email or call.