The Pre – rut is on!!  If you have not prepared your mock scrapes yet; It’s time it kick it into gear for archery and gun hunters.

Last week I started using Dominant Buck Urine inn the scrapes, and I have noticed more buck activity. I will have some good trail cam camera pictures available for you to see.

For those of you who started those scrapes earlier; I know some of you are not seeing a lot of deer now, stay with the scents. If you are only seeing Does, that’s good. The does will bring the bucks when the rut gets going. I am always happy to see does on my trail camera pictures and I always try to hold a lot of does inn my hunting zones.

As we get towards late October, some does will come into estrus. There is always some early activity  before the gun season. That’s a good time to switch over to the Doe Passion and put that into your mock scrapes and start to use Doe Estrus Scents as the bucks are starting to cruse around looking for any of those hot does. Its all about the timing and having the correct smells for the right times.

When you do start using the estrus scents do more doe bleating that rattling. Pick the right conditions for the correct ups and use of scents with calling. I do a lot of calling and with using scents it brings a lot of excitement and I see a lot more deer.

If you have any questions about scents and calling, please fell free to call or email. Good Luck and Good hunting!!