Hard to believe that the Bow Hunting season is about 2 weeks away from this long hot summer.
Hopefully you have had a chance to do your summer scouting, established your mineral stations and have picked out your shoot bucks. If you have not started your mock scrapes, now is the time to do so. It will not be long before the bucks shed their velvet and the pre-rut mock will start to begin as the bucks will not tolerate any other bucks fighting for their does.

This is why you need to start your mock scrapes with the Ultimate Scrape Mix. I already have hunters who have and they have had several bucks coming in or bucks have made other scrapes next and near the Ultimate Scrape Mix.

If these breeder zones do not get set up and established, it does get harder to bring in and hold a breeder buck in your zone. If you have any questions about this works, feel free to email me or call. Thank you!