These are the most frequent asked questions along with my answers that are asked during trade shows or conversations with hunters. If there is a question you have that is not on this page, please feel free to contact me (Jon) and I will be happy to answer your question.

What is the difference between deer urine and deer glands?

Deer urine comes right from the deer as glands do. The biggest problem with deer urine, it’s a good product if it is preserved or frozen as soon as it is collected. Big Buck Adventures chills down the urine instantly to 34 degrees as soon as it passes through the collection process to ensure that you will have the freshest urine. Big Buck Adventures will sometimes freeze the urine if the product is not going to be shipped out right away and send it out as frozen product and by the time it reaches you, it still will be just as fresh as if we collected it right away. As a scent collector you never want to see bacteria set in, that is what will give your urine that rotten smell. Timing is everything when collecting urine.

Glands will give off a stronger smell. The smell will last 5 to 8 days in the woods as urine last 24 to 36 hours is your best window with urine as it effectiveness wares off. Glands are a natural smell and you will get a better response with glands. Sometimes deer will respond better with fresh urine. The deer will tell you what they like. So as a hunter, you need to be flexible and be willing to change tactics when the deer are not responding to what you are doing and using.

How do we get the glands? And are they CWD free deer?

Big buck Adventures work with licensed deer processing lockers. The deer are recorded with a number and are tested for CWD before we use those glands from that deer.

How do we process Glands?

A gland can be any size from a size of a pea to a sunflower seed. We remove those glands from the tarsal, behind the back legs, glands from the interdigital, located between the front hoof, anal sex gland, located between the back quarters of a deer, the pre-orbital, located by the eyes, nasal cavity, and forehead. We soak those glands and break them down from a solid to a liquid.

How long are your scents good for? If we have some left over, can we use them next season?

This is the unique thing with gland base scents. If the bottle does not freeze, those scents will be good for next season and will be just as effective. If that that bottle does freeze, it separates the compounds of those glands, and all you have is rotten urine.

What combination of deer scents should I put together?

All our gland scents are specially blended for you. You would not need to add anything else to the scent. If you have any questions on the combinations, call Jon to get further direction or to answer your question.

When should I start making mock scrapes?

If you are starting a new mock scrape set up or going to freshen up an existing scrape from last season; Big Buck Adventures recommends starting those scrapes about the 3rd week of August or 2 weeks prior before you start hunting that area. When the bucks lose their velvet, their hormones begin to change, and they become more interested in who is in their territory. This will give it the time for them to find to the scrape a begin to use that mock scrape set up.

How often do I reapply the scents?

The nice thig with gland scents, they will last 5 to 8 days before you need to reapply the scent. When starting a new scrape, apply 8 to 10 pumps the first three times. When deer find those scrapes and start to use the scrapes, you then can apply 3 to 6 pumps.

Why do gland scents work better?

They are a natural smell right from the deer with no added preservatives. Deer will identify the smell of the glands more than urine. Urine works well but for a shorter period and you will need more urine to have an effective scrape. Deer will urinate up to 8 to 10 ounces each time. That’s how much urine you need to put out to be effective. Urine scents have been effective for me, but you need more of it. The glands are much stronger and more effective as deer communicate through their glands. When you put out a quality urine product together with a quality clean gland product, you can not find any better product combination than that.