Kyle Olson

Kyle and his wife Kristin

Hello everyone. My name is Kyle Olson. I have been married to my beautiful bride of 28 years and have had the honor of raising 3 children, 2 sons (22 & 21) and 1 daughter (19). My career choice was education 27 years ago. I currently teach at Sartell Middle School, Sartell, Minnesota. I had the opportunity to coach for 25 years, which was a passion for me. My hunting career started in my late teens and quickly became an interest to me. I have grown in my hunting skills and enjoy the opportunity to continue to learn new skills on a daily bases. Joining Big Bucks Adventures several years ago and becoming a partner in the business has allowed me the ability to grow in my knowledge of deer and the sport of hunting. As the journey continues, like a true educator, I will continue to teach what I know, listen to what others know and learn to be a better hunter.