I have tried many different ways and ideas. I have used the scents I carry with great success. I shot my first Pope and Young Buck 3 years ago with the Ultimate Scrape Mix, installing 2 mock scrapes near one another.

guaranteeWhy am I so confident? I have tried  many different ways and ideas that I perfected my way that I shot my first pope and young buck 3 years ago. I am confident enough that you will see a 125 gross class buck by the end of the rut or I will refund your money
back if you have Big Buck Adventures set up your zone or if you purchase sent from Big Buck Adventures. I spent most of spare time perfecting my methods this past season ( 2013 ). Setting up zones on one 40 acre parcel and another 20 acre parcel I have seen 300 or more deer, on stand and by trail cameras. I have assisted people in shooting their dream buck. I know how to do it and I do it well. Find out more!

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