Jon Molden

Jon Molden – Big Buck Adventures

I have always been involved in the outdoors if it was hunting or fishing.

IMG_0132webWhen I started to get involved in the hunting industry, I started out as a guide.    I guided water fowl hunts.    I specialized in field hunting for Canada Geese.    After doing this for 5 seasons, I decided to try something else and more challenging – getting one on one with an animal.

Ten years ago, I started archery hunting for deer.   With some success, I decided to get into using deer scents and building mock scrapes.   I worked with deer farmers and using deer urine in my mock scrapes.    I had good success with just urine.    Four years ago, I started working with a deer farmer who was adding glands to his urine.    What a change!

In 2015, I started Big Buck Adventures.    We concentrate on the use of gland scents.   Glands are the way deer communicate.    We have built and entire line of communication scents and from our pictures you can see our results!