Creating A Mock Scrape

Big Buck Adventures: Mock scrapes and scent placement Instructions:

Step 1: Scrape up a 3’x3’ area of earth with rake.

Step 2: Pour a gallon of water into already scraped area to release Earth’s natural scent.

Step 3: Pour Big Buck adventures (Doe Whisper Ultimate Scrape Mix) and (Dominant Buck Urine) onto your Mock Scrape

Step 4: Spray Big Buck Adventures (Preorbital Scent) on a broken branch above the scrape. 

Step 5: Also, take a saw and create some mock rubs on trees near your scrape on trees no bigger than 3.5″ and spray those rubs with Big Buck Adventures (Preorbital Scent). 


You have now created a breeding area for the bucks to defend against and stick closer as they believe a large dominant buck is trying to take over their territory.

Finally, applying some estrus near the scrapes will also help intrigue them into the area.