Ulimate Scent Dripper




After customers have set up their scrapes encourage them to set up a dripper system. This should give them 20 to 30 days depending on weather and ground moisture. They can go with any scent combination. The scent drippers will have side pockets to place the heaters in to keep the scent from freezing. They will have a list of the following scents they can choose from for your up sale.

Go to our scents page to pick your scents!

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Our Ultimate Scent Dripper can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid. They are homemade and made exceptionally durable, lined with flannel on the inside. We provide an S hook for hanging them along with hand warmers that conveniently go into the side pockets to help keep it from freezing. I have used my dripper as cold as 25 degrees with not much problem.

  • When you receive your Scent Dripper. You will need to set the roller dial at your rate of liquid dispensed.
  • Fill reservoir up with water, remove bottom cap, set your flow of liquid by adjusting roller stopper. Once you found your rate, put your cap back on.
  • Prepare your mock scrape by freshen it up with scent and water.
  • Choose what scent you would like by ordering on our web site. Its ala carts. I would recommend using 2 kinds of different scents at a time.

Example: Hot Rage Buck Scent with Ultimate Scrape Mix or Hot Scrape Mix with Doe Passion

  • You should use at least 12 ounces of scent to be effective.
  • Fill your bag with scent and the balance with water in the bag. Pull bottom cap and let it drip at a slow rate. It could drip up to 4 days.

When setting up the scrape and dripper bag, this will give you 2 weeks before you need to return. Spray the bag with Doe Whisper to cover up your scent.

Big Buck Adventures have not seen any problems letting the Dripper go day and night. Eventually the Bucks will change over to daytime movement by watching your trail cameras.

Then move in for the Ambush!!


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