It seems like you can walk into any farm store, or sporting store and find many sorts of deer attractants and minerals but not knowing what you are buying and giving to your deer can bring unsatisfactory results or damage to the deer. It is important to understand what these minerals do and the proper ways to work them into your deer management.

All minerals are not created the same for cattle, horses, and deer. Deer antlers are roughly 20 percent calcium and 10 percent phosphorus. The products you choose needs to have calcium and phosphorus but in a bulk quantity.

Most minerals for cattle are made up of salt than anything else. Deer need sodium during the spring and summer months, especially the bucks. The deer will visit the pure salt locations but only for a short period of time, because it does not provide the overall benefits that a specific deer mineral would provide. Deer do utilize the mineral throughout the season but they will utilize it more in the spring months.
In creating a mineral site, don't expect the bucks will grow from an average sized antlers to large massive antlers. It takes time, this is only a building block, you need to provide good quality food, food forage, water and genetics. Managing you herd is important, selective shooting bucks that are mature and taking a certain amount of does per the size of your hunting area.
A mature buck will experience a mineral drain during the spring months, this is when they need those minerals the most. As I have explained why a zone is important. You need all the right tools to keep mature bucks coming into your zone but it will teach the younger bucks to keep coming back as you have everything they need. Food, cover, water, minerals, and scents to keep their interest in your location ( zone ). Our minerals are well balanced. We mix them in bulk, meaning we do 2,000 pounds of mixing at a time and install it in 3.5-gallon pails. Big Buck Adventures works with Heims Mill as they will mix to what Big Buck Adventures have come up with the right balance to help you deer herd. It is balanced with the right amounts of calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, coper, zinc, salt, lanimum (helps with their digestive system and does while lactating) and other trace minerals with the attractant of molasses.