• (Annual mix) 15 to 20lbs per acre
  • 25% Goliath Oats 15% Forage Peas
  • 15% Austrian Peas 15% Trophy Rapeseed
  • 10% Berseem Clover 10% Forage Kale
  • 10% Purple Top Turnips

Big Buck Adventures offers a annual seed mixture that produces tonnage of food with our mixture of cool season peas. The forage rapeseed and peas offer an good plot food to get established, grows quickly and provides high levels of nutritious forage. The Goliath Oats can grow up to 40" tall. It's a high yielding oat with good feed value. With a little clover and turnip mixed in to give it that Lip Smacker taste to the deer.

Before planting, Big Buck Adventures recommends getting a soil test


Seed type: Annual
P H Range 5.8 - 7.0
Location: Full Sun to partial shade
soils: well drained, moist soils,
Fertilizer 300lbs per acre 19-19-19
Dark rich soils, sandy rocky soils
Tilling: Planting depth, ¼ to ½ "inch for best results of all the mixtures. Planting depth not to succeed over 2" inches. Be sure to roller pack soil for good soil to ground contact.


North: May- June/ August -Sept
Central: May-June/ Aug-Sept
South: Mar-June/ Aug-Sept