Deer Lures & Scents

Welcome to the Big Buck Adventures store! This is the place you'll get our specially formulated deer lures and scents, deer food plot seed mix, and minerals for deer.
What's so special about these products that we believe these are the best on the market? How about our guarantee that you will see trophy bucks when used properly? You read that right. You are guaranteed to see trophy bucks thanks to our products. Let's go over why.

Deer Lures and Scents
With our proprietary deer scents, you're getting the results of huge amounts of dedicated research. We hire animal biologists and veterinarians to figure out how deer tick. Let's rephrase that: How deer think. Deer communicate through scents, and they have many specialized glands that speak different messages. Some are for recognizing familiar deer, some signal aggression, and others display arousal. We have identified these glands and know which are responsible for each kind of communication.

So which glands give which messages? Which do you need to get the deer to respond how you want?
●Forehead Gland: Bucks use this gland for applying their scent to branches in their rubs
●Salivary and Nasal Glands: These glands announce to potential mates, "I'm here!"
●Preorbital Gland: For bucks in ruts, this gland communicates, "I'm aggressive!" For does, this gland is active when they're caring for their fawns
●Interdigital Gland: It tells their deer families, "I'm one of you!"
●Tarsal Gland: When mixed with urine, it's used by bucks to say, "I'm ready to mate!"
●Metatarsal Gland: Gets excreted when the deer stomps its feet to say, "There's danger!"
●Preputial Gland: Bucks use this gland's secretions for pre-rut communication. Combines with the tarsal gland to become a rutting scent
●Anal Gland: Does use this gland to communicate, "I'm in heat!"
You'll need to choose the right scent for the situation, of course. That's why we provide both buck and doe scents to ensure you're guiding the deer where you want. It's not enough to just put out some urine as an attractant; you need to use scents to create a deer zone. That way, you can funnel the deer by literally talking to them through their specialized smells.

We chose names like "Blazing Hot Doe" and "Hot Rage Buck" so that you get an idea of what they do from the name alone! We also offer combination scents to mimic how deer use them naturally in the wild. Your goal is to impersonate a deer, after all.

Check out our full line of deer lures and scents to find the right formulation for your needs.

Deer Food Plot Seed Mix
If you want to make hunting more successful, you need to lull deer into a sense of security. By creating a food plot, you're enticing the deer to let their guard down and enjoy a tasty meal. With Big Buck Adventures' deer food plot seed mix, you're combining the types of roughage they enjoy the most. Don't worry. They come with fertilizer mixed in.

Which deer food seed plot mix is right for you?

Sweet & Tasty
This is basically deer dessert. Contains:
●20% Landio Clover CP
●20% Rapeseed
●15% Purple Top Turnips
●15% Tillage Radish
●10% Intermediate Clover CP
●10% Asklike Clover CP
●10% Chickory
This brassica and perennial mix gives deer the flavors they crave, and since it's full of perennials, they'll regrow every spring. Use 10 pounds per acre.

Rack Builder
Want to build up some strong bucks for incredible hunting? Contains:
●25% Trophy Rapeseed
●25% Purple Top Turnips
●20% Vivant Brassica
●10% Forage Kale
Kale is a great way to get protein into the deer for some spectacular growth. Use 6 to 8 pounds per acre.

Lip Smacker
Filling and nutritious, it's a meal that deer won't resist. Contains:
●25% Goliath Oats
●15% Forage Peas
●15% Austrian Peas
●15% Trophy Rapeseed
●10% Berseem Clover
●10% Forage Kale
●10% Purple Top Turnips
With tasty oats, clover, purple top turnips, and both forage and Austrian peas, it's the mix that deer moms would give to their deer kids to make sure they got a balanced meal. Use 20 pounds per acre.

Chow Down Mix
The ultimate deer buffet with something for every deer's taste buds. Contains:
●30% Guardian Rye
●15% Winter Wheat
●15% Trophy Rapeseed
●10% Purple Top Turnips
●10% Red Clover CP
●10% White Clover CP
●10% Landino White Clover CP
This mix is a big, full food plot that will bring deer from all over. Use 20 pounds per acre.

Chic Clover
You can't go wrong with good old clover. Deer love it, as do many other herbivores. Contains:
●25% Landio White Clover CP
●20% Intermediate White Clover
●20% Red Carpet XL Asklike Clover CP
●15% Chicory
We use a good mix of different clovers because deer like some variety in their flavor profiles, too. Use 10 pounds per acre.

Minerals for Deer
It's more than a "salt lick." Yes, that's the common term, but we're putting in the minerals that deer like and need. This includes:

Of course, there's salt in there, too. What creature doesn't like salt? Additionally, deer drink a lot of water in the spring and summer, and our minerals for deer give them the ability to get rid of that excess water while providing them with essential nutrients to help them grow big and strong. You know, so they'll look good above the fireplace and make incredible venison.

Our thanks to Heim Milling in Minnesota for helping us achieve our effective and proprietary mix. They're also the reason we can keep the costs low because they agreed to mix our deer minerals in one-ton batches!

For First Time Hunters and Experienced Hunters Alike

There's nothing like the feeling of a successful hunt, and we stand by our guarantee that you will see a trophy buck! Whether you're new to hunting or it's a family tradition, know that we stand by our products because we hope you'll come back to us season after season. We'll even come set up your deer zone for you! That's how confident we are that you'll get the results you want. Big Buck Adventures wants you to bag a buck.