• 25% Trophy Rapeseed 25% Purple Top Turnips
  • 20% Tillage Radishes 20% Vivant Brassica
  • 10% Forage Kale

This special variety of Brassica, tillage radishes, purple top turnips, with rapeseed and forage kale offers the best cold season food plot which provides protein and energy to attract deer all fall and winter which can withstand heavy graze pressure. This cold weather tolerant food offers high levels of nutrition. If you are looking for a food source that offers tonnage from the beginning of the planting season through the winter months, this is the perfect balanced mixture will keep those deer coming all season long.

Big Buck Adventures recommends soil test before any planting of food plots.


Seed type: Annuals
PH Range: 5.8 - 7.0
Location: Full Sun, hunt plot
Fertilizer: 300 lbs per acre 19-19-19
Soil type: Well drained, Dark rick soil, sandy soils, heavy soils at a ΒΌ" deep, be sure to roller pack soil for good seed to ground contact.
Tilling: Light tilling, disking or hard hand raking
Seed Rate: 6 to 8lbs per acre


North: July-Sept
Central: July-Sept
South: Aug- Oct