• 30% Guardian Rye 15% Winter Wheat
  • 15% Trophy Rapeseed 10% Purple Top Turnips
  • 10% Red Clover CP 10% White Clover CP
  • 10% Landio Clover CP

This annual and perennial mix is a good early summer planting to give the deer everything they need with the clovers, rye, and wheat with rapeseed and turnips. This mixture provides tonnage of food to last into the fall. The perennial clover will return for the turkey season. Maintain clover with mowing as needed and fertilize 10-20-30. If you decide to thicken up clovers for spring, mow down late fall and over seed with chick clover to grow a beautiful new clover plot that will last 5 years or more.

Big Buck Adventures recommends doing a soil test before planting food plot.

Seed Type: Annual/ Perennial PH Range: 5.5 - 7.0
Location: Full Sun to partial shade Fertilizer: 300lbs per acer 10-20-30
Tilling: Rough up soil with equipment or hard hand rake ¼ to ½" inch. Be sure to roller pack soil to get a good soil to seed contact.

North: May-June/ Aug-Sept Central: May-June/ Aug-Sept
South: Feb-Mar / Sept-Oct