Our Gland Lure Scents

Get an edge with our top-quality deer scents in Waite Park, MN


If you are looking to bring out an old warrior and kill a mature Dominant Buck, this scent is for you. This gland base scent is only used if you have dominant bucks in the area because it will scare off smaller bucks. With the mixture of interdigital, tarsal and peubasant glands, from bucks ages 4 to7 years, this will heat up an area for buck to come defend his territory. You will not recognize the area because of his aggression to defend his territory. Works best in mock scrapes, calling by grunting and rattling with a decoy.


Great all- season scent. This is a cover and calming scent. It has the smells of bedding deer It has all the communications of a Doe. Doe urine, Doe interdigital, Doe tarsal gland and other pheromones.

Big Buck Adventures uses this scent in mock scrapes, pulling a drag to your hunting location or as a cover scent on your boots. Works good during the early season or post rut with great success.


The Doe Passion is like Hot Scrape but this is an all-gland mix scent with Doe
interdigital, Doe tarsal gland. A lot of nice bucks have been taken with this scent.
Use this just like the Hot Scrape Mix or follow up with this scent after using the
Hot Scrape. This gives the hunter another option.


This is the best scent mix on the scent market to start your ground mock scrape.
This scent has Buck and Doe Urine, Buck and Doe interdigital, and Buck and Doe
tarsal gland. Big Buck Adventures recommends starting this scent between
October 1st and October 15th. This can be used and effective all season. Big Buck
Adventures would start out with this scent first of October then transits into the
buck scents around October 20th at the start of the pre-rut. Lots of nice bucks
have been taken with this scent.


This is a great scent to use a territorial lure to let the bucks know there is competition in the area. With a blend of buck urine, interdigital and tarsal glands.
Great introduction in a buck mock scrape. I would start out using this one then working towards the stronger buck lures. If your bucks are non-aggressive, stay with this lure.


This scent is the main communicator with all bucks. Bucks communicate through
their Pre-Orbital which is located by the Buck's forehead and eyes. Big Buck
Adventures will start this scent in mid-August to start the locations of our mock
scrapes. It helps you get an inventory of what bucks are traveling through your
hunting zone and staying in your hunting zone. This is effective all season. Spray
this on the overhanging branch (licking branch). It's most effective using a key
wick scent pad by dipping the tail of the wick into the scent. Be sure to be wearing
rubber gloves when working with scents. This scent works best with Ultimate
Scrape Mix, Dominant Buck Urine, Buck Fever, and Hot Rage Buck urine when you
are making your ground mock scrapes.


This scent can be applied at the same time as the liquid Buck Pre Orbital. This a
longer-lasting lure that will last through all weather events and colder weather. I
recommend using a ½" to ¾" hemp or sisal twine rope. Using rubber gloves, I will
attach the rope (used as a vine) to the branch, apply the lure to the rope, and work the
lure in wearing rubber gloves. I have applied lure just to branches when the leaves are
gone and had great results.


Big Buck Adventures has used this scent in the early season. It's most effective
during the seek and chase phase (Pre-rut) and rut phase. If use it early or during
the post rut, use Doe Whisper on the ground in a mock scrape. When using during
the pre-rut; use it with Doe Passion, Blazing Hot Doe, or Hot Scrape Mix. When
using these scents during the rut phase, Big Buck Adventures would recommend
to Doe call. Apply this just like the Buck Pre-Orbital.