Do you think mock scrapes work?

How many hunt with or build mock scrapes?

What's the most important things for mock scrapes?
# over hanging branch
# Size and water

Primary Scrapes / Breeding scrapes / most visited/ make them large(6x6)

Secondary Scrapes - along fence rows or fence lines, field edge, Rarely you will shoot a mature buck from.

Buck scrapes, I recommend not to make them large ( 3x3) you do not want to intimidate the larger buck. You want that larger or dominant buck to think he can beat that buck in his territory with a fight or by intimidation by puffing up his body language appear to look bigger before he needs to fight.

How do deer communicate? Not through urine but their interdigital gland. That how does can tell family groups apart.

Where is the interdigital gland located? Between the front hoofs.


Buck and Doe Pre- Orbital / The most important part in building a mock scrape.

Doe Whisper/ Great Cover Scent. All the smells of bedding deer, calming scent. Can use it on scent wicks, clothing and vegetation.

Ultimate Scrape Mix: All the glands and urines from bucks and does to ignite an existing scrape or start a new one.

Buck Scrapes(testosterone)

Buck scrapes with urine and interdigital gland use before Halloween such as Interaction Buck Scent or Dominant Buck Urine. Raging Buck has all the glands such as interdigital, tarsal, anal sex gland, and peubasant glands from matures bucks 4 to 7 years of age and Hot Rage Buck Scent, includes all the glands with buck urine to get the dominant response. Big Buck Adventures has had a lot of large mature bucks shot with these lures.

Rutting Scrapes (from does)

Doe Passion / This is our biggest seller and most large bucks will get shot of this scape mix. It has: Doe in Heat urine, Estrus Scent, Doe anal sex gland

Doe Passion 40% Doe Estrus 20%

All these scape mixes can be used in a dripper system.

Doe in Heat with Estrus Scent / Talk about the collection.

Bring them in and shave off their ass and put cedars in to keep their tails up when it's time for collection.

Shot of lettleice brings them up to estrus (cycle) 28 to 30 days.

Shot of a Blatter relaxer,- collects doe obsession right before peak cycle. During peak cycle collect blazing hot doe and scrape.

The Rut

The rut is always on time. The weather can depress deer movement but the rut is always going. I fell the best peak rutting time is November 10th through the 15th. Sometimes it can be a little earlier, depends when the does come inn, the does all do not come inn at the same time.

The secondary rut can be the best one. That comes 28 to 32 days later than the first one. Weather is usually cooler, better day movement from bucks, Does that did not get bred the first the first time are in heat and the fawns are coming into heat for the first time. Bucks will bred as long as they have their antlers on because they are still producing testosterone.

I have seen good rut activity in December this past years and bucks were fighting and hitting scrapes to almost Christmas this year.

Setting Up Your Mock Scrape

When installing a mock scrape, pick out a location that you can make a good ethical shot. Pick out a tree where you can install a ½" to a ¾" hemp rope or sisal twine as a natural vine.

#Apply Oil based buck pre-orbital to the rope wearing rubber gloves.

#Remove all vegetation to have bare earth. Apply 2 quarts to 1 gallon of water. Apply 6 to 8 drops of Ultimate Scrape Mix in the middle and apply 6 to 8 drops Interaction Buck Scent to the outside edges.

#If you decide to make 2 scrapes. One would be your community with the Ultimate Scrape Mix and the other would be your buck scrape with any of the buck scents by repeating the installation steps. They can be at whatever distance apart if you can make the shot.

#Mock Scrapes can be installed along food plots, funnels, pinch points, staging areas, and near bedding areas.

#Apply Doe Whisper as a cover scent.

#Reapply every 5 to 8 days. Scents don't need to be refrigerated unless they are urine scents. If the glandular scents don't freeze, they will be good the next season.