Good To Know

When laying or planning out your food plots if it's for spring or fall, try to always look at ways how you can produce tonnage of food for a high deer density. There's nothing wrong with planting 2 different kinds or more depending on the size of the food plot.
Even in 1/2-acre to 1-acre plots. Sometimes I will plant 2 different kinds to give the deer a choice. Look into ways you can design a food plot to bring the deer to your setups.
Always be sure to check your ph and amend soils if need to be to help give your plots the best opportunities. After seeding, be sure to firmly pack your seedbed for good seed-to-ground contact for the best results.
I have used Miracle Grow 2 times per month to really help my plots and give them that instant release of a feeding. Be sure to look at the label for mixing directions.
If you have any further questions, please contact us.