Our Deer Urines

All our urine scents are certified for peak hormone and pheromones with estrogen before we bottle them!


This a mixture of our premium Doe urine Blazing Hot Doe that is collected when the doe is at their peak estrus cycle to get all the pheromones and hormones of a hot doe, then mixed with Doe Passion of all the glands of a hot doe. Great balance of urine and doe glands. Works good in a mock scrape, scent with or pulling a drag to your hunting stand. Use this lure at peak pre rut going into the rut for best results. Encourage to bleat call when have this product out.


In 2015, Big Buck Adventures changed its deer facility and started collecting
urine. With our change, in our collection area with stainless steel pens; our urine
scent is collected when the does are in their peak heat stage with all the.
hormones and pheromones are present. Big Buck Adventures do not put stress on
their deer to have the purest urine we can collect. During the collection; Big
Buck Adventures chills the urine down instantly to 36 degrees into the collection
barrels to preserve the urine and not allow oxygen to interfere during the
collection to bring you the freshest scent. With all these steps, Big Buck
Adventures have developed the Hottest doe urine on the market. Because of the
collection timing, this scent is not available until late October. Use this scent
through the peak of the rut in a mock scrape, drag a scent wick, or on a scent
wick. This scent is very potent and reaches smells long distances. This scent is
scent out frozen to help hold all the hormones and pheromones.

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If you are looking how to bring a buck into a RAGE!!! This scent with urines, interdigital, tarsal glands, peubasant glands of mature bucks of 4 to 7 years old all mixed into one bottle. This mixture has turned nocturnal bucks to daylight movement. Apply to mock scrapes only at the hours of 10 am to 4 pm to change his behavior to come check out the lure when its at its strongest. Call and rattle when using this product! When bucks hear your calling and come scent checking, they her it and smell that there's another buck in their territory and they are convinced to come in and check it out. This lure has killed several bucks over the 160" mark. Its best used from mid-October to the end of November.


New mix for 2018. Big Buck Adventures tested this scent in 2017 with great
results. This is a mixture of Doe in Heat urine with Estrus secretions, Doe urine,
Doe interdigital and Doe tarsal gland. This mixture will have the smell of a HOT
DOE. Use this scent in your doe mock scrape with the Doe Pre-Orbital. Big Buck
Adventures start using these scents at the start of the pre-rut around October
20th through November. Don't be afraid to use this in a heavy application or in a
scent dripper setup. This scent will peak up a buck's interest that there is a hot
hoe in the area. Works well when doe calling.


This doe urine is collected as the does are coming into heat in October. It has the smells of pheromones and hormones begging to come into peak cycle. I like using this urine in a scent dripper and I recommend mixing it with Doe Passion if you are looking to build a HOT DOE Scrape.

Dominant Buck Urine 4 & 8oz

Dominant Buck Urine of Bucks 3 ½ to 7 ½ years of age will help you get that dominant response. Best used in exiting buck scrape or creating a new buck mock scrape. Works well in a dripper set up for time released scent.