When you go to a piece of property and if its 40 acres or 200 acres, do you ever ask yourself: Where do I start?

What I have learned over the years, I will break down that property and look to see what it offers and what do I need to add to improve that property if it's private, Lease land or public land. I will break it down into sections and learning those sections.

What are the deer movements? How do they move throughout this property? If I am amble, how do I incorporate food plots, mineral stations, feed plots, Kill plots, watering holes, and manipulate deer through pinch points, travel corridors, bedding areas and can I provide sanctuary?

There are several ways you can do this. Through this breaking down process you will learn the travel patterns and the deer's behaviors. In my experience, I try to include all this in 40-acre parcels. It's not easy but it can be done through strategic planning and laying out your property.
I have helped many hunters shoot their best bucks through these principles. Knowing what to look for and how to plan. When you lay out your property look how you can included all this into your deer zone along with using the deer lures and scents as an attractant to bring those deer to an active breeding scrape you built using the communicative scents by Big Buck Adventures building that mock scrape. You will bring yourself success because you are providing everything deer are looking for.