• 25% Landio White Clover Cp 20% Intermediate Clover
  • 20% Red Carpet XL Asklike Clover CP 15% Chickory

Big Buck Adventures is offering an awesome hardy mixture that can last 5 years or more with proper maintenance. This tolerant cool season perennial provides forage for you Deer and Turkey. With a variety of chickory and three varieties of clover. Chic Clover is very desirable to the Deer and Turkey which can tolerate acidic soils, draughts and choke out competitive weeds. This balanced mix can help create a great hunt plot and its best maintained fertilizing 3 times per season and periodically mowing as needed. This mixture can handle the heat in the south and cold weather to the north.

Big Buck Adventures recommends a soil test before any food plot


Seed Type: Perennial
PH Range 5.5 - 7.0
Location: Full Sun to partial shade, mowing paths, trails
Tilling: Rough up soil with a hard rake or equipment. Plant ΒΌ"inch deep or less. Be sure to roller pack soil for good soil to ground contact.
Recommended seed Rate: 10lbs per acre.
Soil Type: well drained, or moist soils, dark, sandy soils
Fertilizer: Recommend 300lbs per acre 10-20-30


North: Mar-June Aug/Sept
Central: Mar-June / Aug-Sept
South: Feb-Mar/ Sept/Oct