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T he most successful deer hunters don’t go it alone. They rely on support from folks who share their passion for taking whitetail. That’s why Big Buck Adventures is honored to have partnered with the very best in our industry. They ensure our products and services are always top-notch!

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Our Partners

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Kyle and his wife Kristin

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Mike Farniok

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Kelly Olson

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Bubba Lodermeier

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Luke Lodermeier

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Robbi Marquardt

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Hamilton Petersen

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Josh Lies

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Darrin Caspers

Kyle and his wife Kristin

Hello everyone. My name is Kyle Olson. I have been married to my beautiful bride of 28 years and have had the honor of raising 3 children, 2 sons (22 & 21) and 1 daughter (19). My career choice was education 27 years ago. I currently teach at Sartell Middle School, Sartell, Minnesota. I had the opportunity to coach for 25 years, which was a passion for me. My hunting career started in my late teens and quickly became an interest to me. I have grown in my hunting skills and enjoy the opportunity to continue to learn new skills on a daily bases. Joining Big Bucks Adventures several years ago and becoming a partner in the business has allowed me the ability to grow in my knowledge of deer and the sport of hunting. As the journey continues, like a true educator, I will continue to teach what I know, listen to what others know and learn to be a better hunter.

Mike Farniok

Mike has been hunting Deer for over 30 years. Mike has taken over 100 deer throughout his hunting career and hunted in states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Montana.

This year Mike and his brother Keith are hunting Kansas and representing Big Buck Adventures.

Mike joined our Pro staff team 3 years ago and has been working with all our currant products and has seen the results with QDMA and is currently chasing the biggest buck of his hunting career.

Mike has been so impressed with the results, Mike has become an investor into Big Buck Adventures.

Kelly Olson

Hey everyone, I’m Kelly Olson! I live in south central MN near Willmar where I work for a large, heavy civil construction company as an aggregate maintenance technician/fabricator. I grew up hunting and fishing and my passion for the outdoors continues to grow. When I’m not working, you can find me at the hunting properties filling water holes, adding minerals, planting food plots, trimming shooting lanes, and the list goes on and on — making sure everything is ready before season opener. My primary choice for deer hunting is archery, however, I also do a yearly intensive zone rifle hunt in northern MN with my girlfriend’s brother and father. Since recently meeting Jon and talking about the scents, we were able to get into some Runnings locations! I am looking forward to using BBA scents and minerals and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on them too!

Bubba Lodermeier

Bubba has been tagging along in the woods since he could walk, He started using BBA scents in 2015 with his dad and shot his first deer. Through the years he has learned a lot about whitetail. He has been able to harvest bigger deer, including his first with a bow all while using BBA scents! He has traveled to multiple shows to help Jon since the first show in 2016. At the age of 18 now (2020) he continues to log more hours in a deer stand and give up tons of time to clearing, planting, preparing stands, mock scrapes, clearing trails, whatever needs to be done in the name of deer hunting. All while being a student and working part time jobs.

Luke Lodermeier

Luke is just a guy that loves the outdoors, even though he was not raised hunting he shares the love of the outdoors and found passion for hunting with his kids. He has been using BBA scents since 2015 when he met Jon, he has used them to help kids get they’re first deer and more! Luke shot his first deer with a bow and has stuck with it, always bowhunting the gun seasons. He helps Jon with the deer shows since the first one, and last year started helping Jon with social media. “take you’re kids outdoors and explore something, because you never know when you won’t be able to”

Robbi Marquardt

Hi my name is Robbi Marquardt. I live in Willmar, MN. I live with my wife, Becky, and two children, Taylor and Caleb. I work at Northern Radiator in Willmar.

Hamilton Petersen

I’m happy to be able to be apart of Big Buck Adventures. I’m from southeast Minnesota. I’ve been hunting deer for over 40+ year’s. I’ll be the first to admit that I have learned to hunt from my dad and my own mistakes. Over the years I have tried just about everything, I have come to the fact I use what works for me. I’m an avid bow hunter. Along with muzzle loading. On the property I hunt I use a combination of stand’s to my advantage, about 40 of them.

Josh Lies

Hello my name is Josh! I live in Central Minnesota in a small town called Atwater. I am happily married to my wife Mary and we have one child and his name is Mason. I have been doing construction for a career since after High school. I am currently working as a foundation repair technician for Safebasements of MN.

I have always loved the outdoors growing up. I love to enjoy myself fishing and hunting with friends and family. I have recently got into bow hunting i love the new challenge of hunting with a bow. Growing up i only gun/rifled hunted.

The most joy i get is i get to put in food plot’s, blinds, put trails in and do habitat improvements with my family. We have alot of fun doing it every year and now being able to get my son out there with us makes it that much better.

I am excited to keep learning more every year about whitetail deer. I am proud to say that the product’s that Big Buck Adventures have to offer is second to none. The scents work to get the deer coming in regularly and the minerals are awesome. The minerals can be used year around to help build a health heard.

Darrin Caspers

Hello fellow hunters, I’m Darrin Caspers! I live in west central Minnesota out in the country by a little town called Maynard. (You aren’t living unless its country living). I’m a full-time farmer running my family farm doing livestock and crops with my dad. I have 3 kids and have been married for 3 years to my beautiful wife. My passion for the outdoors started at a young age and keeps growing. When I’m not working or spending time with my family you can find me out in the woods on my hunting property. Preparing food plots, hanging deer cameras, setting out Big Buck Adventure Mineral and making sure the kill hole is ready for the hunting season. Nothing is better than sitting in that deer stand on a cool fall crisp morning watching your buck you have been chasing come walking in and you let that arrow fly. If you’re looking for that adrenaline rush that is one thing that will do the trick.

My love for deer hunting is like non other, it runs in my blood. My grandfather had the love and passion for it which he taught me at a young age along with my dad. There are many generations of hunting in my family and I hope to pass what I have been taught down to my kids.

I have deer hunted in South Dakota and Minnesota and have been lucky enough to take deer in both states. I really enjoy sharing my passion of the outdoors with friends and family along with hearing their own hunting stories. I enjoy going slug hunting with my parents and brother in laws and making that a family affair, lots of memories and laughs – that’s what it’s all about.

Since meeting Jon and visiting about the scents and mineral, I started using both and I immediately started seeing results. I’m hooked! Nothing has worked like Big Buck Adventure products and let me tell you I’ve tried about every product out there (even ask my wife). I am proud to be a part of the Big Buck Adventure team and growing with them. Jon has hit the home run! Get a hold of Jon, myself or the team to get your hands on these products, you won’t be disappointed! 

And hopefully you, too! Inquire today to become a Big Buck Adventures pro staffer!
Pro Staffer Application Information
Thank You for having interest in becoming part of the Big Buck Adventures Pro – Staff.

We are looking for passionate hunters who love video taping and sharing their experiences in the outdoors. Our focus is on educating and entertaining our viewers while promoting a professional image of our selves and brands we represent.

  • Show case your video taping and hunting abilities to the outdoor industry.
  • Receive discounts on Sponsor Products.
  • Take hunting to a new level with new challenges.
Pro Staff Levels
Bronze Level
    • Unproven
    • Has done some likes and shares on social media pages or on Big Buck Adventures Page.
    • Willing to learn with Big Buck Adventures to work your self into the next 2 levels.
    • Provide trail cam pictures of using our products.
    • Receive a 15% product discount.
Silver Level
  • Some proven ability of video taping.
  • Has had some experience or played with video taping and photography.
  • Has followed Big Buck Adventures to understand the products and how they work.
  • Provide trail cam pictures of using our products.
  • Learn with Big Buck Adventures how to video tape with your HD video camera you purchase or the purchase of 3 5.0 Tac Ta Cam Cameras.
  • Develops professionalism, and promoting Big Buck Adventures.
  • Receive 30% discount on products.
Gold Level
  • Has proven ability producing good video of before the shot, during the shot, after shot, and closure of the hunt.
  • Shows professionalism and good knowledge of all Big Buck Adventures Products.
  • Knows what products to use if Bucks are being difficult and how to use the products if showing calling, rattling methods or use of a decoy.
  • Ability to editing own hunts and help Big Buck Adventures if staffing needs.
  • Can talk about all Big Buck Adventures products with confidence and promoting if asked to do a video.
    Provide trail camera pictures when using scents.
  • Receive products at wholesale cost and other bonuses decided upon management.

All videos must be taken in HD or with 3 Tac Ta Cam 5.0 cameras. For the Gold level, we want to see full video along with 3 Tac ta Cams to get all shot angles and yourself. We will accept for silver level, 3 Tac Ta Cams and a bow mount video.
All chosen applicants are to only show case sponsor and Big Buck Adventures Products. Professionalism is a must. Big Buck Adventures will not tolerate any miss use or representation of products or sponsors.
To be a candidate, please give us a brief description of yourself and your accomplishments along with a video why you should be on Big Buck Adventures Pro – Staff Team.

You can send your information using the form below.

Pro Staff Application
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